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Our Story

The Sahara Sunrise story started in Los Angeles, California in 1998 with a few jars of Black Soap and Shea Butter produced in our kitchen!

Initially, we incorporated the two products, Shea Butter and Black Soap into the product line of our former business to showcase some of the great products Africa had to offer. The acceptance and success of these products with our customers was astounding!

Keep in mind this was 1998, and the knowledge and use of Shea Butter & Black Soap in the United States was not as proliferant as it is today!

We were blown away by the fact that, 98% of the customers who bought the initial Shea Butter and Black Soap stock, came back with rave reviews for the products, and more than 50% of that number referred their family and friends to us!

We quickly realized 2 things. First, we had a gem in our hands and second, the market was shifting towards using more natural products.  This led us to do deeper research on not only the benefits of Shea Butter and Black Soap, but on the benefits and use of natural ingredients in general for skin and hair care.

Our journey continues to be an exciting one! Today we are a 100% natural skin & hair care products company with over 100 product lines – a long way away from 2 products!

The more we learn about the benefits of natural products for the skin and hair the more passionate we are about formulating exciting new products and sharing them with our customers! Be sure to browse through our offerings HERE.

Our Vision

To be a company that is known for demonstrating that one does not need to change their skin color to achieve beautiful skin.

Our Mission

To inspire the love of using natural skin and hair care products by educating people on its many uses and benefits and by providing a wide array of products from which to choose from.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’ve know Eme for the past 18 years. When I first met her, she was just starting her business. To see her growth has been wonderful. Her products are top of the line. I love her Shea Butter. Her Bath Bombs are great too. Just starting with her scrubs.”

Beverly J. Taylor

“They understand the needs of the customer and are very prompt at responding. Am really loving both the natural hair and facial products.”

Joyce Ukpong

“This is by far the best natural skin care products that have tried. Smells amazing, no chemicals and it doesn’t bleach your skin. Their body butter is holy grail especially for people with dry skin, it doesn’t stay on top of your skin like the other body butters that have tried. Sahara body butter absorbs into your skin and keeps you moisturized all day, Can’t wait to order more products from them.”

Ofofon Akpaffiong

“Their black soap and scrubs are Amazing . Highly recommended . Acnes and old spots are fading away.”

Adeola Sunday

“They are legit..good customer service and their products are very good 🤗I own a spa and I use their pedicure products …strictly home made products…thumbs up ma’am 🤗.”

Adeyinka Shakirat

“I have been using SAHARA Sunrise products for over 3 years now and these have shown clear and proven results. Product availability and delivery have also been exceptionally good over the years.”

Stanley Odhegba

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